"Reflections" consists of four instrumental pieces of intermediate length on different themes.  Musically they fall somewhere between film scores and relaxing music to put you in a mood for reflective thought.  The CD is not yet in general distribution, but copies can be obtained by E-mailing me. (see Contact on the main page.)  - Joyce Whitelaw

Listen (mp3): excerpt from "Flight of the Butterfly"

About the "Reflections" music. A collection of four instrumental pieces arranged for piano and strings.   The challenge in creating these longer mood pieces was to avoid falling into  formulaic "new age" monotony.

1. Dawn:   Opens with the sounds of high, soft, sustained strings followed by the piano playing a major into minor melody which continues throughout in various keys.

2. Scottish Mist:  This piece is built around an ostinato bass line played by the harp. The violins and cellos play a celtic sounding melody which opens and closes the piece.

3. Vilamoura: Opens slowly with soft strings and harp followed by the main melody on cellos, later taken up by the full string section. This piece was inspired by a villa in the Portuguese sun.

4. Flight of the Butterfly: Floating arpeggios on the harp portray the fluttering butterfly wings. The tempo changes into a playful waltz in the minor and the musical journey continues with several different melodies on strings and piano.